Our Mission

At Crixol, we strive to lead in the design and development of an IT solutions, including desktop,web based solutions and mobile applications. We understand the complexities of the ever-expanding business and we perform our best to keep our clients satisfied with our services

Who We Are

Crixol has four business units: Software Development, Web Development, Mobile Apps development and Consultancy which work together or independently to fulfill the requirements of our customers. Our core strength is our expertise in planning, designing and implementing IT solutions for our customers.

Why Choose Us

We love to improve our services, including development strategies, management techniques and Quality Assurance standards. Crixol is different because of its Business Experience, Customer-Focused Approach and Commitment to Quality.

Recent Work

  • Business Intelligence Softwares

    Business Intelligence Softwares

    Business intelligence (BI) is a set of theories, methodologies, processes, architectures, and techno...

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  • Rotherham Disability Netwrork

    Rotherham Disability Netwrork

    CriXol excels in web designing and development of web based products. For excellence in web developm...

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  • Retail Management System

    Retail Management System

    Set up and use easily Minimize disruptions with a retail management solution designed for rapi...

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  • Flight Tracker

    Flight Tracker

    Flight tracker application was designed by keeping in view the boom in the airline industry. It ...

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Our clients

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